How to create a wedding website?

A short demonstration of how easy it is to create a wedding website on the WeMarry platform

We're getting started

In order to create a website, you need to sign up. You do this by clicking the Sign up button, in the upper right corner, or the Try for free button, in the middle of the home page.

1. Completion of registration

Fill in the email and complete the registration. You can edit the entered data at any time later.

2. Dashboard

The dashboard works as a signpost. Here you will find the countdown to the wedding, an overview of the guests, the TO DO list and the Your page button to start editing your website.

3. Editor

Website editing is very intuitive. In the left part of the screen you will see the editor divided into individual sections. In the right part, you will see the current preview of the website.

4. Filling out information

Just click on the section you want to edit, fill in the information and click the Save Changes button.

5. Uploading photos

You don't need to move the photos to your computer or tablet. You can simply upload photos via the Upload button. From any device you need.

6. Form

Customize your RSVP form exactly the way you need it. The guests will fill it in for you and you will find the answers on your dashboard.

7. Theme selection

If you want to test how your website would look in a different outfit, you can change the template at any time in the Themes tab.

8. Done

Yes, it really is that simple. Your time and comfort is our priority. It couldn't be easier.


You pay nothing in advance. You can try everything for free. If you want to share the wedding website with friends, click the Payment button and your website will be public.

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