Wedding invites: Printed or Online?

Invite family and friends to your wedding. Simple at first glance. But how to do it? Hand-delivered wedding announcements are a tradition. But isn't it a bit unnecessary in today's fast-paced world where everyone has a smartphone? A wedding website that you can create yourself in a few minutes is becoming a practical novelty for modern couples. He clearly informs the wedding guests about the course of events of the entire wedding day and helps the future newlyweds with their preparations. Let's talk about the pros and cons.

Paper invites

A wedding invitation can fit much less information than a website, it serves above all as a tangible memory of your big day. A printed notice is quite expensive in terms of production costs, but also in terms of the time you spend on production, delivery and also constantly answering details that did not fit on paper. That's why a lot of couples put a link or QR code on their announcement that goes to their wedding website.
A wedding announcement for a party of 70 people can easily cost more than 600 USD at today's paper prices.
Have you ever thought that you could print out paper notices, for example, only for grandparents and send the rest a link to the website?

Wedding website

The wedding website changes everything. You can clearly place all the important information on it, share it with all the invitees, and your phone will stop ringing like a panic. Thanks to the participation confirmation form, you will find out who you should count on, whether they will need accommodation, or what song they would like to hear. With a wedding website, you save a lot of time and can focus on the highest priorities. Plus, not only do you save trees, but WeMarry even plants one for every customer!
A wedding website costs fixed price regardless of the number of wedding guests.

Why have a wedding website?

Take a look at how the wedding website will help you organize your wedding.

Create a beautiful wedding website in minutes

Save a lot of work and money from your budget.
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