The ultimate wedding decoration inspiration you must have

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2 Oct 2022

The wedding is just around the corner, but you're afraid it will be too boring? Wedding decorations will help you . Today you will find out which ones you absolutely must have. You'll also see inspiring tips to unleash your creativity. Go for it.

You will also discover how to use a wedding website. Online decoration works perfectly to help you keep wedding guests informed. You create it in 3 clicks.

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3 decorations that must not be missing at any wedding

Before you dive into original tips, don't forget the basic decoration. It simply cannot be done without it. What does it belong to?

Wedding table decorations

How to choose decorations for the wedding table? Flowers and napkins go without saying. Fabric! The decoration of the wedding table in no way includes paper napkins, they would only degrade the whole atmosphere.

You can also add to the table:

  • Candles

  • Name tags

  • Rhinestones or glitter

  • Fabric ornaments

Wedding decorations for the car

The cars that bring the bride and groom must not only be shiny and with a driver who is not afraid to use the horn. With their decorations, they should make it clear who they have the honor of carrying.

Don't forget to:

  • Special wedding license plate

  • Groom and bride figures

  • Big bows and other decorations

  • Flowers

Wedding cake decorations

The wedding cake is pleasing to the eye in itself. But if you didn't choose a monumental cake with five tiers and rich fruit decoration, it might still deserve a delicate finishing touch. You can of course use flowers for this or have your own figures made of marzipan.

10 original decorations that will take your breath away

There are no limits to imagination. Tips for original wedding decorations that you would not have thought of are waiting for you.

Message bottle

Start easy. Have you heard of a wedding book? An empty notebook where wedding guests write personal messages. Make it a living room decoration. Prepare smaller cards and a decorative glass bottle in which the wedding guests will drop the news. During the long winter evenings, you simply pour them on the ground and go back in time.

Bottles as vases

The second tip for using glass bottles is to turn them into vases. There is nothing complicated about it, you take an empty bottle, add a pretty bow, insert flowers and place it on the table. So simple and so effective.

Commemorative vinyl record

You can also transform the wedding book into other forms. How about an old vinyl record that you add markers to? The guests will decorate it for you and you will be able to literally replay your wedding at any time.

Puzzle as a souvenir

One last tip for keeping the memory alive. For creative couples expecting guests who like to play. Buy a puzzle. But they must be pure white. You add a marker again and let the wedding guests have a free hand. You fold the result, have it framed and hang it, for example, in the entrance hall.

Wedding Instagram

Sure. Wedding photos will live on in your Instagram feed for some time to come. But what about transforming it into a physical form? Make a frame that will exactly match the display of photos on Instagram. The number of likes, comments and place designations. Then use it instead of a photo booth. You will be surprised how much creativity the guests will awaken in themselves during the photo shoot.

Framed agenda

Do you have several tables ready and don't want your guests to search for their place for a long time? Create an effective meeting schedule that will be visible to everyone. Just print the list of people at each table, decorate, frame and place in front of the entrance. Believe that people will not get lost.

Childhood photos

Is it corny? Not if you use them original. Collect photos from your childhood in which you were one year old, two years old or even 10 years old. Combine photos of the bride and groom together, frame them, and place them next to each row of seating during the ceremony. Ascending or descending as you like.

Natural confetti

Do you love garlands and confetti, but don't want to trouble the planet with unnecessary waste? If you plan to get married in the fall, you must use this tip. Collect fallen leaves of all colors. Find Christmas cookie cutters and use them for the leaves. Homemade confetti is in the world.

Flip flops or blankets for guests

Think about the comfort of the wedding guests. Wedding decorations should be beautiful, but if they are also practical, you will be awarded. Are you getting married by a pond, pool, or even a lake? Prepare wicker baskets full of slippers or flip-flops for your guests to change into. It is difficult to walk around the pond in heels. In the evening, you can exchange your shoes for blankets so that everyone can enjoy the cozy atmosphere in the heat.

Pallet program

A tip especially for rustic parties. How else to use wood? An old pallet can be found in every garage. Build it, burn or write one point of the program on each rung and place it at the entrance.

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Where to get wedding decorations and how much they cost

The most interesting pieces tend to be the simplest. You can find wedding decorations cheaply in every bazaar, but you just have to look in the closet. You are guaranteed to have a glass bottle at home. Original wedding decorations will not ruin you, they will diversify and entertain you. What else could you wish for?

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