How does WeMarry work?

Find out how a wedding website can help you plan your wedding.

1. Start with sign up

In order to start creating your wedding website, all you have to do is sign up.
Right after registration, our web editor will open for you, where you can start filling in details about your wedding.

2. Try it for free

You pay nothing in advance. You can try WeMarry for free and without restrictions. You can decorate your wedding website to your liking and publish the website only when you want to.
Creating a wedding website on WeMarry is really simple, you can do it even from a mobile phone and it only takes a moment.

3. Publish your website

Payment is required to publish your site. After payment, you choose a domain, e.g. prijmeni.wemarry.cz, you have several options to choose from. You can then place the link on your wedding announcement or send it directly to your wedding guests. You can edit the website at any time and it will be public for 6 months after your wedding.
Are you hesitating between a wedding website and a wedding announcement?

4. Send out invitations

On the bulletin board in the "Invitations" tab, you have the option to send invitations directly to your guests' email inboxes. You will receive an email with an invitation and a link to your wedding website. Every wedding website includes a form where guests can confirm their attendance and answer important things like if they are vegetarian or what song they want to hear at the wedding. All responses are automatically saved and you can view them on the bulletin board under the "RSVP" tab. If the guests do not fill out the form, WeMarry will automatically remind them.

5. Let the wedding website work for you

Thanks to your website, you will get important answers and you no longer have to answer the same questions about your wedding over and over again. All important information is available online 24/7, even in a foreign language. Guests fill out the forms and you can focus on other things related to planning your party.
Still not sure?

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