Unique style for your wedding website

Adjust your wedding website also in terms of graphics. Choose the template that best captures the mood of your wedding.

Your wedding = Your style

You can adjust the templates exactly according to your ideas. Change the colors to suit your wedding. In addition, WeMarry automatically calculates the colors so that they always match and everything is legible.

Theme change = 1 click

Can't decide which template to dress up your wedding website? Does not matter! You can change the templates whenever you want and you don't have to worry about losing the information that is already on the website.

Check out our unique templates

With the ability to change colors, 1 template offers a million possibilities.

Theme Modern

Simple lines, clear messages and minimalist shapes.


Theme Playful

Playful look, cheerful decorations and lots of colors.


Theme Elegant

Black and white pages with sleek graphics in a clean design.


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