The millennial generation is about to say Yes, I do!

And with a new generation comes new trends

Tailor-made for agencies and coordinators

For wedding organizers, we have a special interface for easy management of all websites.
  • Clear management of all websites in one place
  • Custom logo and information on footer
  • Reviews on the bulletin board of each site separately
  • Possibility to use your own domain

Better offer for your clients

Our partners offer wedding websites as a new standard within their services.

All websites in one place

All you need is one page, one password and you manage all your websites at once. You can also use it on your mobile phone.

Time and energy saved

Thanks to the simplicity of website management and the RSVP form, you have a lot less work.

Why have a wedding website?

  • All important information about your wedding in one place
  • Accessible from anywhere 24/7
  • Overview of your guests thanks to the RSVP form
  • Second language for foreign guests
  • Simple adjustments, even from a mobile phone

Offer even better services to your clients with us

Make the wedding website your new standard for everyone thanks to our platform.


With WeMarry, creating a wedding website will take no more than 10 minutes.


You can easily create websites for your clients even from a mobile phone, without technical skills.

Budget friendly

With us you will save time and money, which you can spend otherwise than on a programmer.


Not only is the site greener. In addition, WeMarry plants a tree for each website.

Are you an agency or wedding coordinator?

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