Where to get married? Wedding in a barn, meadow or castle?

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13 Nov 2022

Confused about whether it would be better to have an outdoor or indoor wedding? And where to find the dream spaces? Find out which wedding venues are at the top of the popularity charts and how to choose the right one for you.

Once you have booked it, let us know about the place and time of the wedding through the wedding website . You can create it yourself in a few minutes. You will be delighted not only during the preparations, when you automate a lot of things with it, but also after the wedding, when you look through the photo gallery.

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How to choose the most suitable place for a wedding

Choosing where the wedding will take place is one of the first decisions you will face. But don't make him unprepared. Consider these 4 factors.

Number of guests

You all have to fit in there. In this case, outdoor weddings are better, where it is not a problem to organize a celebration for 20 or 200 people. Before you decide on a wedding venue, write down at least the first list of guests.


The wedding party should not have to travel three days for the wedding. On the other hand, you will never be able to please everyone. When planning your trip to the wedding, think about how long it will take you to get there. Dressing and combing often takes place elsewhere, so you should not choose a location more than 100 kilometers away. If necessary, move all services to the location in advance.

Outside or inside

This is purely subjective. Some prefer the wilderness, others prefer to marry within four walls. It depends on when the wedding will take place. For summer festivities, outdoor spaces prevail, while in winter you will be glad for the ceremony inside.


Budget. Of course. Popular wedding venues are booked years in advance and the price corresponds to that. Make sure your dream place doesn't break the bank.

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8 popular wedding locations in 2022

Considered? Get inspired by 8 tips for wedding venues that are becoming more and more popular. Prepare, watch out, I'm going.

Wedding in the barn

Make the first stop on your tour of the most popular wedding venues at the barn. But it's not just any barn. The wedding farm is adapted for holding social events. You won't find a cow or grain there. But, for example, you can organize a feast and take a photo in the middle of a corn line in the modern granary. Farmhouse weddings promise plenty of fun for kids and adults alike. In addition, they can accommodate a larger number of wedding guests.

Wedding in the forest

Stop at a place fit for romantic souls. If you are attracted to a simple wedding in nature, where there will be only the two of you, witnesses and a few guests, organize it in the forest. The doe will not let you down, but you will remember the peace and the mysterious atmosphere for the rest of your life.

Wedding in the church

Tada tada, ta da ta da! Although a church wedding requires at least one of the partners to be religious, and you have to visit the priest several times together, if you like tradition, maybe you should at least consider this option.

Wedding by the sea

If the church is not that, you certainly do not despise the sea. What to plan a wedding as a vacation? Invite family and friends to the beach, book accommodation and say yes at sunset with your feet in the sand.

Wedding abroad

And it doesn't even have to be by the sea. Did you meet abroad or do you just have a favorite foreign country? Have a wedding there. You will not meet the condition that the wedding venue should not be more than 100 kilometers from your residence, but if you have personal reasons for this, it is worth paying extra.

Wedding at the castle

What bride doesn't want to be a princess for a moment? Take the beautiful dress to the hall where the nobles got married hundreds of years before you, or to the middle of the castle garden. However, if you do not choose a state castle, expect higher costs.

Wedding in the garden

So simple yet so captivating! Do you have a large garden? Have a garden party style wedding. Add garlands, candelabras, a podium and let the flower beds bloom. You will get a ready-made wedding environment and save even more.

Wedding in the meadow

Outdoor weddings end our tour in the middle of meadows. It's only a short journey from the garden to the threshing floor. But if you're lucky enough to see meadow flowers in bloom, a large meadow can add an even more festive feel to your wedding. Place the altar among the flowers, decorate the chairs for the guests naturally and that's it.

Where will you get married? Tell the world!

Are you inspired? Whether your D-Day location is a meadow behind the house or a monumental castle, don't forget to inform your guests of the address.

How to do it? A wedding website is better than classic invitations . Everyone has it at hand at any time. There is no risk of them arriving late or at all because of a lost invitation.

You can create a wedding website in a few clicks. And you don't even have to be a programmer. Sign up and get your own URL. Fill in all the important information - in addition to the place and time, also the wedding schedule, menu or important people that others can contact. Thanks to the RSVP form, you will know who will arrive and for whom accommodation must be arranged.

And after the wedding, you will upload photos to the website so that everyone can remember the wonderful day with tears in their eyes.

What will your wedding venue be?

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