Band for a wedding: When do you need it and which one to choose?

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25 Jun 2022

Music accompanies every wedding. You have to complement the joyful event with celebratory music. What music to choose for the ceremony , when to order a band for the evening reception and which one to choose? Get started and you'll find out.

Music for the wedding ceremony - 3 tips to choose

Music for a wedding ceremony must add grandeur to the event. However, not every song and every instrument is suitable for every wedding venue. What kind of music can you choose?

Wedding in the church

If you are married directly by a priest, ask the organist. The tones of this magnificent instrument will resound throughout the church, and will ring in the ears of the wedding guests even during the feast. In addition, they will give you courage when you are called to say yes. The organ can be suitably complemented by a skilled singer, a whole choir or a violinist .

Wedding in the ceremony hall

Due to the space and other weddings, they probably won't allow you to play the band in the ceremony hall at the municipal office or the castle. Try to ask if they have at least a piano available . If that doesn't work either, you'll have to settle for music from the player.

Outdoor wedding

Music for an outdoor wedding? There are no limits to ideas. A wedding ceremony in the middle of a meadow has the advantage that you can organize it completely according to yourself , without the requirements of cooperating institutions. Do you long for a marching brass band or a rap duo? Arrange them!

Band for a wedding - what to choose?

You have successfully concluded your marriage, it is time to celebrate. The wedding band for the banquet and evening entertainment must be arranged at least several months in advance . The best ones tend to have full diaries a year in advance . So it should be among the first things you start looking for. But which one to choose?

💕 Tip: Find out what to plan for the wedding.


The first thing you find out about the band. What is he playing? Will the wedding guests know the songs to enjoy the atmosphere? The most advantageous is a bet on verified hits . Can't help falling in love with you and Mamma Mia never disappoints.

Time commitment and the possibility of commuting

The band for the wedding should ideally come from the same area in which the wedding is taking place. Google the keyword "wedding band" along with the name of nearby cities. Travel costs something too.

When contacting your chosen wedding band, include time availability for your date as one of the first questions. And ask in advance..

Wedding band price

How much will live music for your wedding cost? If you don't want your wedding party to be spoiled by fake singing, not to mention playback, don't go below 30 USD for a musician per hour of playing. Really professional live performances start at 1000 USD . Bands must pay to play with you. Expect to pay for their transportation as well and most likely invite them to the wedding table during the break .

Let the wedding party know what they will be dancing to

Show your guests what wedding music will be waiting for them. Thanks to the wedding website , you can easily share all the necessary information with your friends. You tell them when and where to arrive, what wedding menu they can look forward to and what shoes to get ready to dance the night away with you.

An internal to-do list will remind you that it's time to call the band for a wedding or perhaps a salon visit. Your wedding will be unforgettable.

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