How to choose a wedding suit? 7 things to watch out for

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4 Sept 2022

The bride chose one or two dresses. But what about a partner? The right wedding suit for the groom is determined by more conditions than you might think. It must be comfortable, sit and please the eye. How to find the right suit? Read on to find out.

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Men's Wedding Suits: It's just the beginning with the sake

You go to the nearest store and buy a jacket. Well, it doesn't work like that. Did you know that a jacket is definitely not the only type of clothing a groom can wear? See what they are and what kind of wedding they are suitable for.

  • Tails

A black doublet with laces, a white bow tie and shirt, high-waisted trousers. The groom chooses a tailcoat - an elegant man who plans to get married with all the luxury.

  • Tuxedo

Still an elegant option, but many may find it more comfortable. Those who are not attracted to a tailcoat, but still want to look elegant, reach for a tuxedo.

  • Jacket

The jacket is closer to a jacket, but it is still a highly formal affair. The gray patterned trousers are complemented by a black coat in the front with slanted seams.

  • Suit

You can find a men's suit for a wedding in many variants. For church, choose classic black with a white shirt and bow tie. Are you getting married in nature? You can untie yourself and choose a wedding suit in blue, brown or gray.

Colors - black or brown?

Do you belong to the latter group, but don't know which color is right for you? Lighter types should avoid gray and cream under all circumstances. They are in danger of blending in with her and getting lost in the crowd of wedding guests. Even grooms with stronger figures should not look for light colors, especially not for white. It can optically expand the figure.

If you still don't know what to do, wedding suits in black are a safe bet.


Have you opted for a regular suit? Then you don't have to worry about patterns anymore and choose according to your taste. Just be careful that bold patterns attract attention, which you will have enough of on your wedding day. So it's worth considering whether you care about her even more.

Have you not grown to two meters? You can go for a pattern with vertical stripes that will elongate your figure.


The three most popular materials for men's wedding suits are wool, cashmere and silk. Of course, you will also find pieces made of artificial fibers or tartan. But if you need to feel the breathability of the material, don't choose them.


Suits for a wedding are in the palm of your hand. You already know which one suits you. But what to match it with? In addition to the shirt, which is usually white, you will also find cufflinks, a belt or cufflinks, and shoes.

  • Cufflinks

It pays to invest here. Gold or silver cufflinks with your monogram, for example, will not only be a perfect memento of your celebration, but also a family treasure that will be passed down from generation to generation.

  • Boots

A black suit includes black shoes, men with lighter shades of clothing can afford shoes in brown or dark green. But they should always be made of leather and laced up.

  • Belt or buckles

Pants don't fit perfectly? Match the belt to the color tones of the shoes. But if you don't need it, don't buy a belt just for decoration.

It's something else. These are perfect for relaxed weddings in nature. The trend is to get married only in them and a shirt, to skip the jacket altogether.

Remember that the groom's suit and all his accessories should match the bride's dress. You can arrange it, for example, with a handkerchief made of fabric left over from a dress or veil.

💕 Tip: Does the bride not have a dress yet? Read on to find out what you can choose from.

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Pay attention to the size

Try on a wedding suit. Quite a few times. Walk in it, raise your hands above your head. The jacket should fit mainly in your shoulders, where it should give you enough space. Feel free to choose a larger jacket because of this, the sleeves can be shortened. They should reach the forearms so that you can see the shirt underneath.

When to start choosing a wedding suit for the groom and where to get it?

It depends on whether you buy a wedding suit with the intention of using it in the future, or whether you contact a rental company. They will be happy to recommend wedding suits for you to buy in the same salon where the bride chose her dress.

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