Wedding announcement: What must not be missing and which one to choose?

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9 Jul 2022

Invite family and friends to your wedding. Simple at first glance. But how to do it? Hand-delivered wedding announcements are a tradition. Learn how to choose it step by step.

A practical novelty for modern couples is a wedding website , which you can create yourself in a few minutes. He clearly informs the wedding guests about the course of events of the entire wedding day and helps the future newlyweds with their preparations.

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What to write on a wedding invitation?

A wedding invitation can fit much less information than a website, it serves above all as a tangible memory of your big day. However, you should definitely write them:

  1. First and last name of both spouses

  2. Place and time of the ceremony

  3. Contact the fiancé

  4. Wedding website address

Wedding invitations are often sent together with the announcement itself . If, for example, you will have a feast intended only for a close family circle, but you would like to invite all your friends to the evening party, definitely go for them.

Wedding website - a modern alternative in a few clicks

You can go all out on your own wedding website. Choose one of the templates , match it to the color palette of the wedding. Above all, you will have it ready once or twice . And what will it help you with? On it, you will clearly inform the wedding guests about:

  • The place and time of the ceremony, banquet and evening party. The map is a matter of course

  • Wedding schedule and entertainment

  • Wedding menu

  • Important people they can turn to

  • Wedding colors and dress code

  • Wedding gifts that would suit you

A perfect trick is the built-in RSVP form . Not only will you know exactly who will arrive and who won't, but you will also find out whether the person in question needs to stay the night or would like a lunch after which he will not get an allergic reaction.

For the engaged, there is also a to-do sheet, in which you write down all the tasks and rejoice with each cross-off.

Do you think that a wedding website sounds nice, but only the groom - ajťák - will be able to use it? Error! You can start a wedding website faster than the bride can say yes.

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How much does a wedding invitation cost?

The price of wedding invitations depends primarily on the size and material of the paper. You must also include the decorative envelopes in which you will deliver the announcement. To give you an idea - with an announcement in the standard size of 210 mm x 99 mm on chalk paper, expect about 20 CZK - 30 CZK per piece.

You can create a graphic design of the announcement yourself, or choose one of the pre-made ones, this item will not incur high costs. But you can also pay a professional to deliver customized notifications. It will cost you an average of CZK 1,200 - CZK 4,000.

How long does it take to make wedding invitations?

For a classic printer, the entire process - from handing over the documents to the printing itself - will take about 10 days . If you need a notification quickly, there are express companies that will make everything for you in 24 hours . But it is always better to think about printing the announcement in advance.

5 tips for an original wedding announcement

You know everything about the form and production of announcements, you have a wedding website ready. Let yourself be inspired by a few tips on how to make your announcement creative.

Traditional wedding announcement

White background, gold ornaments , doves or bouquets. Nothing more traditional can be imagined. Although it may seem boring at first glance, years later you will be as moved as your grandparents when you look at a traditional wedding invitation.

Wedding announcement with photo

Grandmothers and grandfathers, however, did not have the opportunity to beautify the announcement with a color photo . It can be in the background on the entire surface of the paper, or decorate only part of it. More creative types will surely be amazed by the idea of adding a printed photo to the notification and hiding it in an elegant pocket, for example.

Funny wedding announcements

Base the wedding announcement on the passion of the engaged couple. Do you love to travel? Imagine a notification in the form of an airline ticket, a train ticket or a small 3D suitcase. Do you prefer culture? Think of a movie poster style announcement. Are you an avid collector of anything? Give a funny model of your most valuable pieces as a gift.

Cheap wedding announcements

Inexpensive wedding invitations usually contain most of the nature of the newlyweds. You create them yourself! Say - who wouldn't want to be invited to a wedding with a handwritten letter from the groom decorated with the bride's painting?

Online wedding announcement

How to make a lot of work easier? Create a wedding announcement online that wedding guests can click on their laptop or mobile phone. In case of changes, you can edit it at any time and guests will always know where to look. There is no more searching for the wedding announcement all over the house just before leaving for the wedding.

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