Wedding dress guide: What are the options and how to choose the right one?

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21 May 2022

Wedding is around the corner and you are still wondering how to choose the most beautiful wedding dress for your D-day? Read what you should take into account, what basic types of dresses you have to choose from and how much they will cost you on average. Come to it!

What to consider when choosing a wedding dress

Point by point. What to think about when you stand in the bridal salon?

Cut and body type

Every bride is unique , so she should shine in an original cut that suits her . Bigger hips, strong shoulders - none of this is an obstacle to a beautiful look. Find out in the table which types are right for you.

Body shape

Perfect styles


You can afford anything! Ruffled skirts, tight corsets, nothing to be afraid of.

Round or apple

Try to emphasize the waist. Big bows, V-necks and corsets are ideal.

Triangle or pear

You can easily hide your hips with an A-line skirt made of solid material. Choose a top with rich decoration.

Rectangle or male figure

Release your femininity into the world! You can afford to feel like a real princess in ruffled skirts.

Wedding style and date

You should choose your wedding dress already with a fixed date on the calendar. Make sure you don't wear waterproof material to a summer wedding or freeze in a tulle skirt in winter.

In addition, wedding dresses these days don't have to be only white. You can either match them all to the color palette of the veselka, or just complement them with matching jewelry.


You get dressed in the morning and the whole day goes by before you get undressed again. Your day. Therefore, make sure that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Definitely try on the dress in the salon, take a few steps. Make sure you can dance the afternoon away in them.

Material quality

Quality materials are also related to this. If you are looking for a cheap wedding dress , know that it will not last another 30 years in your closet .


Determine the financial framework of the wedding in advance. And determine the upper limit of the price of the dress, which you will not go above. In every salon, you can choose from a wide range of prices, just ask.

Types of wedding dresses: boho or princess?

Choose a simple wedding dress or go for more complex fashion creations? See what types have been most popular in recent years.

Wedding dress with long sleeves

A long or three-quarter sleeve can make a lot of show. In a lace design, it goes well with simply cut dresses, which it gives a twist, but you can also try it with frills.

Short wedding dress

Are you having a wedding in a hot summer and don't want to steam in long skirts? You don't have to be afraid to expose your calves. A shorter cut will come in handy when dancing or running around among guests who want to exchange a few words with you. You won't be afraid to step on the siding.

Boho wedding dress

Unbridled, unconventional life. Do you recognize each other? Let the world know with boho dresses too. They feature looser cuts with subtle patterns that will make you look like an ethereal fairy.

Empire wedding dresses and maternity wedding dresses

Do you want to look like a real princess? Treat yourself to a dress with a rich skirt . Thanks to the clever cutting of the fabric under the breasts, even pregnant brides can indulge in a fairy-tale garment. The skirt perfectly hides the tummy and lets the assets stand out.

A-line wedding dress

Are you into a classic that never fails? Bet on the A- line cut . Want to feel divine? Choose an A-line tulle skirt. Sexy? Get ready for the lace. Like a rebel? Use an ingenious slit. You can always tailor an A-line dress to your own image.

Wedding dresses for plus size

Every woman is beautiful, think about your strengths when choosing a wedding dress. Top tips include:

  • Longer sleeves, preferably lace

  • Loose dress in antique style à la Aphrodite

  • Decorative scoop neckline

  • Strap under the breasts

When to buy a wedding dress?

Dresses come to mind as one of the first things you need to arrange. Right after your loved one kneels down. Is that right. At least a quarter of a year will pass before you choose, try, order, or sew, try again, adjust and finally be satisfied with everything.

Write the individual tasks all the time in a to-do sheet on your wedding website . You can coordinate the dress with the main colors of your wedding party , which you will list on your website so that even the wedding guests know how to dress. In addition, you can easily tell them when and where they should come , what wedding menu will be waiting for them or even what gifts you would appreciate.

Wedding website it saves a lot of work and you can spend your time choosing the perfect dress!

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