Photographer and videographer for the wedding: How to choose?

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4 Jun 2022

How to ensure that the memories of your party remain not only in hearts, but also in physical form? Don't forget to arrange the wedding photography . A character with a camera that will be present throughout the day will ensure you capture unique moments. But how do you choose a wedding photographer? Come take a closer look.

Wedding photographer: Who is he and where to find him?

Where are you looking for a wedding photographer?

wedding photographer should come from the surrounding area , or at least from the region where the wedding is taking place. If you don't want to pay unnecessarily high amounts for shipping. Ask your friends, ask Uncle Google for advice or visit wedding forums and Facebook groups . Many photographers offer their services directly there.

How to choose it?

Don't have any personal recommendations? View the websites of the shortlist of favorites, visit their social networks as well. There you will often find mentions from previous clients about how satisfied they were.

Every photographer has his own style. What one person likes, another does not. Always view previous work . If you can't find it freely on the web, feel free to request it. You don't want to have photos at home that you don't like the style of.

Agree on the terms

Have you already chosen? Contact the photographer and agree on more detailed terms. What should you focus on?

What will he photograph and how long will he stay

Many photographers will offer you several packages . Either they stay the whole day, take pictures of everything - starting with the preparations, ending with the night celebration. In the second case, it is built only for the ceremony and feast . But everything depends on the agreement, and each photographer will surely put together a tailor-made offer for you. But remember that the length of the photo shoot and the number of photos need to be communicated in advance.

Wedding photography - photos of the newlyweds and all wedding guests

Joint newlywed photos are a tradition. It just depends on whether you want to have them in the same style as the whole wedding. You have to agree on this with the photographer in advance, preferably try the styling on the spot . Likewise, let him know how many guests should fit in the group photo so he can prepare the appropriate equipment and figure out the arrangement of people.

Do you want retro photos? Visit a studio photographer after the wedding. However, such an option is only possible for weddings that take place in the city. Unfortunately, the studio will not move to the mountains.

Pre-wedding photo shoot

Are you attracted to love photos at sunset ? A pre-wedding photo shoot is an ideal opportunity to get them and use them to decorate your wedding website. You will get to know the photographer better, he will tune in to you, you will know how to work together and you will be able to take one or two photos at the wedding itself.

Wedding photographer price

How much does a wedding photoshoot cost? It depends on how long you will need the photographer at the wedding, how many photos he will edit into the final form, whether he will send them to you via storage, or even record them on a CD, or even print them.

But a wedding photographer is not an item that is worth saving on. Photos are often the only tangible memory . Sure, you can order a friend who knows a bit about a camera to click a few pictures for you. You can also ask a professional who will provide you with an all-inclusive photo shoot for prices starting at 2000 USD

Look for the golden mean in the range indicated in the table.

Type of photography


Ceremony, newlywed photo, group photo.

from 800 USD

Ceremony, newlywed photo, group photo, presence at the banquet, recorded preparations.

from 1000 USD

Ceremony, newlywed photo, group photo shoot, captured feast and preparations. The presence of a photographer throughout the day, above-standard services - photography with sparklers, photos from the evening party.

from 1500 USD

Wedding Cameraman: Yes or No?

In addition to photos, do you also want a beautiful video that will always remind you of the progress of the wedding? You are looking for a wedding videographer . First, ask your photographer if they also offer video services, or if they have a tip for a certified partner.

Show your wedding photos to your friends

You are your own. A week or two already. You have just received magical wedding photos. Show them off! Display them on your wedding website! The helper, which helped you get information to the wedding party quickly and without worries throughout the entire preparation, now also takes care of sharing your joy from the photos.

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Typ focení


Obřad, novomanželské foto, skupinové foto.

od 6 000 Kč

Obřad, novomanželské foto, skupinové focení, přítomnost na hostině, zachycené přípravy.

od 12 000 Kč

Obřad, novomanželské foto, skupinové focení, zachycená hostina i přípravy. Přítomnost fotografa po celý den, nadstandardní služby - focení s prskavkami, fotografie z večerní party.

od 18 000 Kč