How to choose a wedding veil step by step

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7 Aug 2022

To have or not to have, that's what it's all about. Confused about adding a veil to your wedding dress? It's not an obligation, but you don't want to deprive your future husband of that unique moment when he reveals his wife's face. In this article, you will look at how to choose a veil, what types exist and how much they cost.

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The symbolism of the wedding veil or do I have to have one?

The mysterious thing is the wedding veil. Since childhood, we cannot imagine a bride without it. At the time when marriages were arranged by parents, the bride wore it for a simple reason. So that the groom did not catch a glimpse of her before the wedding, he did not find out that he did not even like her and did not withdraw from the wedding.

Today, the veil lacks meaning, and if you don't want it, no one will force you to wear it. On the other hand, there is something about that tradition. Why not keep the groom in suspense? You will reveal yourself to him in all your beauty on your wedding day only at the moment when you say yes. And his chin drops.

How to choose a wedding veil?

Do you want him? Here are three tips to guide your selection.

Be aligned

Choose the veil together with the dress. Or until after they are acquired. In any case, he must sit with them. A long veil is suitable for exposed shoulders, which hides them chastely. On the contrary, a richly decorated dress is perfectly complemented by a simple wedding veil that you simply throw over your head.

Tip: If you have the dress sewn, have the veil cut from the same fabric.

The length of the wedding veil

For many brides, the most important factor in the decision. The length of the veil. It mainly depends on how much practicality you want on your big day.

Minimalistic, they reach for a veil à la birdcage. A simple grid over the face, which serves more as a genius decoration of the hairstyle. A popular choice for rebel brides who want to follow tradition and feel sexy at the same time.

Longer versions reach to the shoulders, to the elbows, or to the fingertips. If you choose one of these options, you won't make a mistake, it suits everyone.

Do you want to be a star? Choose a floor-length wedding veil. One that transitions smoothly into siding. It will take a little extra effort. During the ceremony, it is useful to task the bridesmaids with holding it, and at the following celebration, where you will also be dancing, it is better to put it away.

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Veil by character type

It is so. Although it belongs on the head, when choosing a veil you also need to think about the figure. Chubby girls with a round face will choose a flowing veil, those with an oval face will reach for fluffy models. In both cases, you will achieve a balanced overall outfit.

How to fasten the veil?

You usually buy the veil already with a comb that you simply insert into your hairstyle. When choosing, do not worry about fixing, an experienced hairdresser will place a wedding veil in your hair one or two times.

How much does a veil cost?

If you are renting a wedding dress, ask the salon if they also have a veil for you. They will gladly offer it to you, usually at a better price. They start at 500 CZK.

Do you want to hang it in your closet and pass it on to your daughter one day? Although you will find price tags with only two zeros on servers such as AliExpress or E-bay, you will pay at least CZK 1,000 for a veil from a boutique.

When to choose a veil? A wedding website will help

ASAP! Ideally at the same time as the dress, i.e. at least half a year before the wedding. How do you make sure you don't forget anything when you have so many things to think about when preparing your wedding? Write it in the to-do sheet on your wedding website. It will save you a lot of stress. You can create it in three clicks, share it with your friends and then just add the information. Everyone will know where and when to come to your ceremony.

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