The big guide to wedding shoes: How not to ruin your feet?

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14 May 2022

Your wedding dress is hanging in your closet, but what about your feet? Find out with us how to choose wedding shoes so that you feel like a princess in them, but at the same time you don't wake up with blisters on your feet after a night of dancing.

What to think about when choosing wedding shoes?

Walk into a shoe store with only these four basic criteria for choosing bridal shoes in mind.

  • Heel height

Although every bride wants to be a princess in shoes at least for a moment, you should think about how high a heel you can tolerate . Do not reach for boats if you do not have experience with them. It will be uncomfortable for you, it will easily happen to you that you will look down on the groom, you could even hurt yourself.

  • Color

White is not always necessary. Even with a classic snow-white wedding dress, you can combine silver, gold or even black shoes without disturbing the elegance. Don't be afraid to experiment.

  • Face

Are you a fan of wedding pumps, will you go for alternatives, or even go barefoot? Be aware that shoes also reflect your personality.

  • Comfort

spend the whole day in your wedding shoes . From the morning preparations to the festive end for the newlywedsm posteliloži. The shoes should fit you like a glove, you must feel comfortable in them under all circumstances.

Overview of wedding shoes

What types of shoes can you choose from? White pumps for a wedding are far from the only option, although many brides still prefer them. Look at the table to see what alternatives you can choose.

Shoes for the bride

What kind of wedding is it suitable for?

Pumps with a closed toe

Winter wedding, traditional wedding

Pumps with an open toe

Summer wedding

Wedge wedding shoes

Modern wedding


Spring wedding, outdoor wedding


Summer wedding, beach wedding


Winter wedding, modern wedding, wedding in the mountains

How to choose the right type of shoes for a wedding?

Be guided primarily by the following factors.

It depends on the time of year and the place of the wedding

A romantic ceremony on a clearing in the middle of the forest, a classic in the town hall or in a church, a luxurious wedding in a castle? And when? In the summer sun or the biggest grasshopper? You already know the place and time of your ceremony. Go through the weather forecast, but also experience from past years , as it usually is at this time of year. And adapt your shoes accordingly. There is nothing worse than steaming your feet in too warm shoes or catching a cold in sandals.

Arrange your wedding shoes in time

Definitely don't decide on the bride's shoes the day before the wedding. It pays to think about them early, buy them at least half a year in advance and thoroughly learn how to move in them. You'll break them in, get used to the heel size, and you won't have to worry about any faux-pas on D-day.

💕Tip: See how to choose a wedding dress.

Dresses, shoes and the whole wedding in one style

Shoes for the bride should match the style of the dress and the wedding. On your own wedding website, choose a color palette for your party and style everything into it - from shoes, to tablecloths, to light garlands for the evening.

You can share the wedding website with family and friends, so they will also know what colors to match their outfits. They will also learn when and where to arrive, what will be served at the wedding reception and what program will follow.

Brides list buying shoes as an important item on their to-do list, as well as trying them on properly. Couples -to-be will use the wedding website as a great planner, wedding announcement and social network all in one.

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