How about wedding rings? Find out what you can choose from

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18 Jun 2022

Are you engaged? Congratulations! There are many decisions to make before you say yes. One of the most important involves wedding rings . What are the criteria for choosing them? What are they available and how much do they cost? Find out now.

Criteria for choosing wedding rings

The following 5 factors are of primary interest to brides and grooms when they enter the jewelry business.

1. Material

What are wedding rings made of? You need to know this not only for appearance, but also for possible allergies. The silver one is quite common.

Among the constants are wedding rings made of gold, or white gold, silver and surgical steel . How do they differ? Look at the table.





Wedding rings gold

Traditional appearance, longevity, minimal risk of allergies.

Higher price.

The cheapest ones start at 200 USD. But look for quality from 500 USD and above.

White gold wedding rings

All the advantages of classic gold in a modern color.

Risk of discoloration due to time, higher price.

Same prices as regular gold.

Wedding rings silver

Classic at a better price, elegant look.

Higher risk of allergies and corrosion.

The cheapest pieces from 150 USD, the average price is around 300 USD.

Wedding rings surgical steel

Modern look, good price.

Surgical steel is an alloy of several metals. Find out what your rings are made of. It is not always a hypoallergenic material.

You can buy from 50 USD.

3. Practicality

Keep in mind that you will wear your wedding ring every day for the rest of your life. You will do dishes, plant flowers, cook, enjoy the sea and work on the computer with it. It should not restrict your movement and sit like a glove.

4. Personal style

Non-traditional wedding rings can be tempting. But express your color and style in such a way as not to spoil the elegance of the jewelry.

5. Decoration

You can have the rings decorated with a gem, simple patterns, or have a custom message engraved . The initials of the betrothed or the date of the wedding are popular.

6. Price

Cheap wedding rings won't break the wedding budget. On the other hand, they can falter in quality. Don't skimp on rings, take the golden mean, or treat yourself to more expensive ones. You will wear them your whole life.

Order your wedding rings in time

Above all, order them in time ! You will be walking around gold shops for a while, admiring, trying and comparing. Making and editing right on your finger will take some time.

How to buy wedding rings in time? Write it in the to-do sheet on your wedding website . You will have all tasks clearly arranged in one place.

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