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30 Oct 2022

How to manage wedding preparations in a modern and stress-free way? With a wedding website . A helper who will inform guests for you and also ensure that you don't forget any detail.

You can set it up online in a few minutes. Anyone can do it with a few clicks, you don't need programming knowledge. See what it can do and how to create it step by step.

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How a wedding website saves you worry and stress

Sending wedding invitations by post or delivering them in person is a beautiful tradition, but that's about it. Practical use zero, zero, nothing. The invitation will either end up in a shantytown anyway, or else it will be displayed in a display case even in 20 years and no one will even touch it. The wedding guests will then bombard you with constant phone calls asking when and where they should come, whether they should take something sweet with them and what you would actually like as a wedding present.

Got a chill down your spine? No wonder, you don't know where to jump first, wedding preparation is a stressful experience.

Nowhere, it used to be. The wedding website changes everything . You can clearly place all important information on it and share it with all the invitees. They will find everything online and your phone will stop ringing like a panic.

Account board preview

6 features that will blow your mind

How does a wedding website do it? By letting your wedding guests know with 6 smart features :

  • where to find the wedding venue on the map and when to get there ,

  • program of the big day will develop ,

  • what will be served on the menu ,

  • who are the important people they can turn to,

  • according to which dress code they should dress,

  • what wedding gifts would make you happy

The icing on the cake is the RSVP form. The invitee fills it in and you will find out if you can count on them, if they will need accommodation, or if they have other wishes.

In addition, you will create a to-do list in the website administration, which will help you clearly plan and keep up with the preparations that are going crazy fast.

You can give your website a beautiful look using one of the preset templates that meet the requirements of a website with a modern design.

Wedding invites summary

How much does a wedding website cost?

At this moment WeMarry offers one package for 29 USD for 18 months.

A step-by-step guide to setting up a wedding website

    • On the WeMarry.io page, click the Sign Up button in the upper right corner.
    • You will register and you can try for free how easy it is to create a wedding website on WeMarry.io.
    • The moment you want to share your wedding website with friends, you need to publish it. At that moment, it is necessary to make a payment.
    • You can simply pay with a debit card.
    • Done! After payment, you can choose the domain that you like the most.
    • Now you can send the wedding website to your friends or put the link directly on your wedding invitation.
    • You can also send the invitation directly to your e-mail and WeMarry will take care of filling out the form on the web.
    • And that's it. The website is created.
    • Now watch the board so you know how many guests will come or what song they would like to hear.
  • Website editor

    You can then log in and edit the website at any time. The left menu shows what you want to edit. After clicking on each field, simply fill in the information, it will automatically appear on the website after saving. You can then change the account settings and template in the top menu.

    Good luck with your party planning!

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