How to plan a wedding? Find out what you must not forget

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28 May 2022

Did you just get engaged? Congratulations! Before your big day comes, there is a lot of preparation ahead of you . Find out what to arrange for a wedding so that you can enjoy the planning and not be unnecessarily stressed. You will see how to start planning a wedding and then proceed point by point in order to organize a perfect party as a result . Come to it!

4 tips to start planning your wedding

He knelt down. She said yes. Now what?

Share your ideas

Make it clear that both of you will enjoy your wedding. Engaged couples usually know what the other prefers, but it never hurts to sit down with wine in the evening and discuss your ideas in detail.

Create your first guest list

The next step in arranging a wedding. Feel free to continue with the wine and put the first outlines of the guest list on paper . It will serve mainly to give an idea of the size of the wedding. Planning a wedding is different for a party for 100 guests or a ceremony for only the closest family.

How much does a wedding cost?

Based on your ideas and the expected number of wedding guests, set a budget for the wedding. At this stage of planning, you won't know exactly how much you will pay for which item, but try to find out the prices of the basic things - cake, dress - at least roughly and average them into the wedding budget.

Don't worry about finances, set a ceiling for yourself so that you don't needlessly worry about higher expenses. No one will tell you how much the wedding will cost in advance, you have to make your own estimate. It depends on a lot of variables.

Arrange the place and time of the ceremony and reception

You probably have a clear idea of your dream location for the ceremony. Don't wait for anything and contact the owners. Appointments are booked several months in advance, even a year. Also call the office or rectory to make sure they have space for you at that time.

Booking a restaurant for the wedding reception is an equally important item . You can work out the details with the operator later, but having a confirmed date is the basis.

The real arrangement of the wedding begins

You know for sure that you will have where and when to say yes. Now get down to the details.

  1. Engagement rings

Go out into the city together, look around a few shop windows. You can do this twice, thrice, or even every week for the next few months. Don't rush the choice of wedding rings , try everything honestly and think about the fact that you will wear it all your life.

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  1. Wedding website

But what do you need to do immediately? Create a wedding website! You choose an original template, enter the date and venue and then just send the link to your friends. You will gradually add details - menu, wedding colors, program or important people to whom your wedding guests can contact.

A practical thing that you get with the wedding website is an internal to-do list , thanks to which you will keep track of all the wedding preparations. The smooth course of the whole day will ensure a participation confirmation form for everyone, in which the wedding guests will also fill in special requests, which may concern, for example, food allergies or the need to sleep.

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  1. Wedding announcement

Those who put up with traditions can take the trouble to choose a beautiful graphic wedding invitation. And personally deliver it to the home of the future wedding guests. Your grandparents can't do without it.

  1. Wedding photographer and videographer

The imaginary wedding planner in your head screams: "But what will we remember from the wedding?" Photos after all! Don't underestimate the choice of a photographer , or even a cameraman, and take care of him among the first. Wedding photographers are in short supply. Check out his previous work and make an appointment. You can also request a pre-wedding photo shoot.

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  1. Music for a wedding

Another item on the wedding list is music. Who will play for you? Do you want a live band or are you content with a playlist of your favorite songs? In the first case, start reaching out to musicians near you.

πŸ’• You might like a guide to choosing a wedding band.

  1. Groomsmen and bridesmaids

After the bride and groom, the most important people at the wedding. As a rule, they take their role very seriously. Take care of the request to take on such a key role. And don't leave it to the last minute.

  1. Wedding dresses and accessories

A bride in a long fluffy dress like a princess, in a modern cut with a sophisticated slit, or even in an outfit that she designed herself? In any case, write a visit to the wedding salon in your calendar as soon as possible.

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  1. Wedding cake and banquet

tastings in the pastry shop soon . Or with private individuals who have experience in baking wedding cakes and sweet bars. It is often not only about pastry skills, but also about good logistics, as you have to get the cake to the place of the feast without an accident. When choosing, also focus on whether the candy manufacturer is able to deliver to your destination.

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  1. Wedding decoration

Apart from the actual ceremony, your wedding day will likely take place at the reception venue. As the date approaches, discuss with the operator how you can decorate the space . In addition to classic flower decorations , original name tags will also come in handy for creating a meeting order.

If you are also planning a special wedding program that will need various amenities - projectors or perhaps a stage. Make sure they are properly beautified as well.

  1. Wedding program

How will the guests be entertained throughout the day? Sit down together again and write down the agenda of your big day point by point. Determine what will happen at what time. When will you take pictures, when will it be the first dance? And don't forget the accompanying events. The fun doesn't have to end with throwing the wedding bouquet into the crowd.

Simply present the entire day's program on your own wedding website.

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What to arrange for a wedding - a big checklist

How to plan a wedding? You already know that a long time ago. You can go for it. This checklist will be handy. You will find everything important on it.

  • Reserved place of ceremony and restaurant for banquet

  • Wedding website created

  • Addressed witnesses and bridesmaids

  • Arranged wedding photographer

  • Selected wedding dress

  • Booked wedding cake

  • The band knows when and where to arrive

  • Wedding announcements sent out

  • Purchased wedding rings

  • Completed visit to flower shop and secured decoration

  • Invented entertainment program

  • Arranged wedding speeches

  • Secured transport and overnight stay for the wedding party

Good luck planning the perfect party!

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