Wedding Hairstyles: The Big Guide to 2022 Trends

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21 Aug 2022

The first exam at the hairdresser's is just around the corner and you have no idea whether to leave your hair down, put it in a bun, or come up with a complicated wedding hairstyle. Find out what a hairstyle for a wedding should meet and what suits you.

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3 things to look out for when choosing a wedding hairstyle

That you will choose the wedding hairstyle that suits you best? Of course, this is an important criterion. But there are others.

2P - Practical and comfortable

You spend the whole day in your hairstyle, remember that you have to feel comfortable in it. The other side of the matter is practicality. You want to enjoy your wedding to the fullest, you certainly don't intend to spend long minutes in the toilets fixing your hair. Fallen hairpins and loose strands are not a pleasant surprise.

How to prevent this? Try the hairstyle at the hairdresser before the big day itself. Make an appointment preferably in the morning, so that you can spend the whole day with the hairstyle on your head. Do everything as normal. In the evening, check whether the hairstyle still holds.

Get advice

Although you go to the hairdresser knowing that you know what suits you, in this case do not stand up for yourself under all circumstances. The experienced stylist has seen many brides and knows what hairstyles suit your type.

Can't decide what to wear on your wedding day? Google celebrities you look like. They are edited by professionals, you can be inspired by their style without fear.

Beauty from all sides

Don't forget to turn the mirror around. The hairstyle must be liked from all sides. The photographer will not only capture you from the front.

Tips for wedding hairstyles according to hair length

Inspiration comes. Check out tips on what wedding hairstyles can be created with your hair length.

Wedding hairstyles for long hair

You can conjure up anything with long hair. However, you probably prefer something light and elegant rather than heavy creations that would be uncomfortable on your head. You can be inspired by tips for medium long hair. However, wedding hairstyles with a flower that you place lightly in fluffy curls will always save you.

Wedding hairstyles for short hair

If you are a bride with short hair, don't worry. You wear the most beautiful hairstyle every day. You won't spoil anything by leaving your hair down naturally. But don't forget to take good care of them so that they shine, have volume and are healthy. On the morning of the wedding day, all you have to do is blow them out carefully, use a hardener and you can go to the altar.

Similar is the case with mikado wedding hairstyles. All you have to do is fluff it up, add a flower, headband or other decoration and you're getting married in no time.

💕 Tip: Wedding hairstyles with a veil suit short hair. See how to choose a veil. 💕

Wedding hairstyles for medium length hair

Simple wedding hairstyles can be conjured even with semi-long hair. The most popular ones include:

  • Buns A timeless classic. Tightly tightened even those with loose strands. Combed on top or placed on the nape of the neck.

  • Light waves

Style like Marilyn Monroe? Moisturize your hair liberally, spread the strands loosely, or add flowers if necessary.

  • Half-up hairstyles

Pin just a few top strands, twist them into a mini bun, braid or just pin. Dissolve the rest freely. You can fluff your hair and easily cover it with a veil.

Try the hairstyle in time

You start to deal with the wedding preparations immediately after the engagement. Date, place, dress, guest list. Put a visit to a stylist or hairdresser on the list of things that must be booked first. Wedding hairstyles are a must try. Yes, the hairstyles, not the hairstyle. Before you are satisfied, you will experience more of them on your head.

Good luck with wedding hairstyles for all hair lengths!

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