Wedding cake: Which one to choose and how much does it cost?

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30 Apr 2022

An icon of every wedding that needs to be thought of well in advance. What wedding cakes never disappoint? What alternatives can you choose if you want to have an original wedding reception ? How much will a classic wedding cake cost you and what criteria should be taken into account when choosing it ? Come answer these questions with us.

What to follow when choosing a wedding cake

Before you open the door to your favorite pastry shop with the question of a wedding cake on the tip of your tongue, think about what you actually want to order. The factors you should consider are as follows.

Wedding style

Don't forget that a wedding cake is not just a great dessert after a hearty feast. It should decorate the table and attract the photographer. To become an indispensable edible decoration. Therefore, match it to the style of your wedding - whether it is a highly romantic celebration in the meadow or a themed wedding with sci-fi motifs.

Excellent taste

But everything in moderation. You have to find a balance between design and taste . Although the cake should be attractive to look at, after tasting it, the guests should not be unpleasantly surprised that there is only a dry body hiding under the beautiful skin. Nobody will be offended if they find chocolate, nuts, vanilla, but also banana or carrot inside.

Number of guests

Definitely don't order a wedding cake before you have at least a rough sketch of the guest list. Everyone should be gifted with at least one piece, which works out to about 150 grams .

Be considerate of others

No wedding guest wants to lose their piece of cake. Ask your guests in advance if they have any food allergies . Nuts or gluten can make the whole day unpleasant for many. You want them to remember your wedding in a good way.. You can easily find out all the information from the wedding guests. by RSVPing on your own wedding website.

Wedding cake - price

How to choose a wedding cake so that you don't exceed your wedding budget? The average price for one kilogram of cake is around 350 CZK . Of course, you can find luxury wedding cakes in a higher price category. If you have a skilled confectioner in your family who dares, you can ask her. Some brides even bake the cake themselves.

Certainties that never fail

If you are not attracted by non-traditional wedding cakes, you can go for the classics. With which cakes you can't go wrong?

Naked wedding cake

A simple classic that has recently been back in fashion . Figures on the wedding cake can come as an imaginary cherry on top . Groom and bride - dancing, or just next to each other. You can have the figures made from chocolate or marzipan, but of course you can also choose plastic figures, which will remind you of your festive day from the shelf for the rest of the years.

Fruit cake

Are you getting married in the summer ? There is nothing to think about, the cake will be decorated with a lot of seasonal fruit . Strawberries, raspberries, but also cherries, pineapple or kiwi . It looks beautiful and you will also get some vitamins during the celebration.

Chocolate cake

No one will say no to chocolate. You can go for a sacher-type cake , or try a simple butter or mascarpone cream with chocolate. But watch out for the temperature ! In order for the chocolate to last, store the cake in the refrigerator and have it brought until the ceremonial cutting. Especially if you are planning a summer wedding.

Alternatives to the wedding cake

Are you worried that the guests won't eat the whole cake? Or on the contrary, that there is no one left? In both cases, you can save the situation with sweet dots, which you festively arrange in the sweet bar. Which desserts to choose?


Muffins with frosting allow you to play with flavors and colors. You will especially thank the little diners, but the adults won't refuse either.


French charms in different colors are not only pleasing to look at.

Mini cakes

Didn't everyone like the cake? Nothing happens, mini copies of him cover your back. Instead of 10 kilos, they have 150 grams, but this does not change the experience of good food.

Don't forget to order your wedding cake in time

Already have an idea of your dream wedding cake? Don't delay in ordering it! Confectioneries and private individuals tend to have their hands full. The later you arrive, the more likely you are to find yourself in a fight for a deadline. Someone has a cake booked a year in advance, but half the time should be enough for you.

πŸ’•Find out what else not to forget when planning a wedding.

So that you don't forget to order the cake, write it as a task in your wedding to-do list. Your own wedding website will come in handy for this . Not only do you write down all your personal obligations, but you can also share the page with your friends. The wedding party will learn when and where to arrive, how to dress, what wedding gift you would like and what will be on the menu . They will arrive perfectly prepared for an unforgettable day.

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