Wedding games: 10 games you must not miss at your wedding

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31 May 2023
Are you planning a wedding and looking for inspiration for an entertainment program? We've got the funniest wedding games to keep your guests entertained!

A few unwritten rules to begin with

Less is more – A wedding is not just a show, so we recommend less games rather than more. Your guests will definitely appreciate the opportunity to just chat and have some fun at their own pace.
Games are not mandatory - If one of the guests does not want to participate in the games, do not force them
Appoint an organizer/moderator in advance – In case one of the witnesses cannot prepare the games, ask someone else to help prepare the game.
Traditional wedding entertainment

1) Cutting the wedding cake

Cutting the cake is one of the essential traditions that must not be missed at any wedding. In addition, nice snapshots are usually created during this activity.

2) Cleaning up the broken plate

One of the most popular traditions is smashing the plate. This ritual with broken shards symbolizes the arrival of luck, sweeping together expresses a willingness to cooperate, and the noise caused by breaking drives away evil spirits.

3) Toss of bouquets

A habit we don't need to explain. However, in case the bride does not want to get rid of her own bouquet, she can have one prepared especially for this tradition.
Wedding games for afternoon and early evening downtime

4) Wedding quiz or we lift our shoes

Wedding quiz as one of the most popular wedding games. The principle is simple, the newlyweds sit with their backs to each other and hold one of their shoes and the other of their partner in each hand. They are then asked questions from their lives. E.g. "Who keeps the cash register at home?" The newlyweds then pick up the shoe that belongs to the one who keeps the cash register at home. The audience is especially amused when the couple disagree.
Tips for wedding quiz questions:
Who takes up more space in the bed?
Who goes to bed earlier?
Who is the better driver?
Who cooks more often?
Who cleans more often?
Who is the bigger bully?
Who packed whom?
Who is more likely to have sex?
Who is the bigger romantic?
Who would be more likely to get lost in a strange city?
Who is the bigger foodie?
Who says I love you more often?
Who is the better dancer?
Who spends more?
Who keeps the cash register?
Who is the head of the family?
Who has a crazier family?
Who kissed whom first?
Who spends more time in the bathroom?
Who spends more time on the toilet?
We recommend preparing the questions in advance, or you can involve the audience itself.

5) A year with the newlyweds

Year with Newlyweds is a popular wedding game that engages wedding guests in a competition by completing pre-prepared tasks for the newlyweds. The more competitive the volunteers, the more fun.
Witnesses must call 13 volunteers or let the newlyweds choose the participants of the game. 12 tasks await these 13 volunteers. Line up 12 chairs. In each round, the last person to return to their seat is eliminated and the chair will no longer remain free for them. Remember to remove one chair after each round. Apostates receive a certificate with a task (eg invite the newlyweds to the cinema, etc.). A reward awaits the winner of the game, when on the other hand the newlyweds invite the winner somewhere.
What will you need for this game?
Prepare 13 certificates (one for the winners and the others for the losers of each round)
Invent tasks for certificates
Come up with tasks for individual rounds
Inspiration for tasks for the game
Get a foreign tie/bow tie
Bring someone else's cell phone
Get a foreign bot
Bring a fork
Bring something green
Bring the car keys
Bring a flower
Get ten/twenty kroner, which will be forfeited to the newlyweds
Inflate the balloon until it bursts
Bring someone else's watch
Get a piece of jewelry
Duel in beer exing
Tasks can be even more daring (bring any piece of underwear), it depends purely on your imagination.
Inspiration for certificate assignments:
January – take the newlyweds for ice skating, skiing, cross-country skiing or another winter activity together
February - take the newlyweds to the pool, sauna or wellness
March - go to some sports activity with the newlyweds
April – bake a lamb for the newlyweds or help dye eggs
May - take the newlyweds on a trip together
June – invite the newlyweds to a barbecue
July – take them for a bike ride or another ride (skates, scooters, ...)
August – take the newlyweds somewhere near the water for a picnic
September – invite the newlyweds to a wine tasting or burčák
October - go to a castle together
November – organize a board-game evening and invite the newlyweds
December - take the newlyweds to the markets or invite them to a home welder
Win - an invitation to a (home) dinner from the newlyweds
Since these tasks are about the interaction between the newlyweds and friends, it is appropriate to let the newlyweds "volunteer" choose. You can also change the tasks at will.

6) Wedding bingo

Wedding bingo is a great game that allows guests to get to know each other better. You need to prepare this game in advance. Each player receives a card with 4×5 squares. Each box has a certain characteristic, and the player's task is to find a person who matches this characteristic among the other wedding guests and get their signature. The goal is to fill in all the boxes and whoever can do it the fastest can be rewarded with some small gift. It is best if the bride and groom come up with characteristics for wedding bingo as they know their guests best.
Examples of bingo properties (find the one):
He is left handed
He lives in the city...
He is an only child
He has 3 children
He is racing…
He is older/younger than … years
He lives in a house
He has a cat/dog
He was born in the same month as you
He speaks French/Spanish
She has the same shoe size
Plays on …

7) Photo corner and polaroid

To create a beautiful memory, you can create a photo booth and add a wedding guest book. A polaroid is a must as it allows guests to stick a photo in the book and add a message to it. This book will become a fond memory of your big day.
TIP: Photo contest
A photo competition can make your free moments pleasant. While not required, it's a fun way to entertain guests and get some extra photos. During the day, witnesses or other helpers can announce a competition for the best photo on a selected topic. The competition can be announced later in the evening to allow enough time and space.
They can compete, for example, for the best group selfie or the funniest photo
Wedding games to spice up the evening's entertainment

8) Knowing your partner by touch

For the groom:
The principle is simple - Volunteers line up and take off their shoes and put one foot forward. The groom is blindfolded and must recognize his partner by her ankle. For even more fun, one of the gentlemen can also sit among the ladies.
For the bride:
The principle is the same as for the groom, with the difference that the bride must know the groom by his background.

9) Dancing around chairs

Everyone probably knows this game. There is always one less chair than the number of participants. Music is played and people dance around. The moment the music stops, everyone must sit down. Whoever doesn't succeed is out. Prepare a small reward for the winner.

10) Wedding raffle

The wedding raffle is a fun element of the festive evening and a great way to raise additional small financial contributions to the party. The course of the raffle is the same as a classic raffle, you give out numbers, prepare small prizes, even intangible ones, and then just draw the winner.