Wedding program: How to keep your guests entertained

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11 Jun 2022
Svatebčané s drinkem v ruce si užívají venkovní svatební zábavu v noci.

Ceremony, photo shoot, banquet, cake cutting. And then fun . But which one? Discover tips on how to create a wedding schedule that will keep you and your guests entertained. You can put together an entertaining program for the wedding .

A wedding as a peaceful celebration as well as the biggest show of your life

Action! Get all the guests involved in the wedding festivities. Everyone can play their special role or have fun together with friends. How to do it? Find inspiration below.

Wedding customs

What must you never forget? After all, wedding traditions . You don't have to swallow your wedding program, but at least incorporate one or two habits into it. You will please all the wedding guests.

What to choose from? Traditional wedding customs include:

  • Flower toss

  • Cutting the cake together

  • Removing the garter

  • Breaking the plate and then sweeping up the shards

  • The blowing of the wedding procession

Wedding raffle

A party could be compared to a small ball. It is not surprising that the wedding program increasingly includes an item called raffle. It doesn't matter if you don't have enough money left in your budget for such pranks. A raffle for a wedding can take a modest form with funny prizes. Don't be afraid to set a voucher for a beer with the groom or an excursion to the newlyweds' building as the main prize.

Do you have a large number of small wedding guests at your wedding? Delight the children with a tailor-made raffle . A few stuffed animals, crayons or balls will not ruin you. You will be rewarded with a smile on the face of the youngest guests.

Band for a wedding

Wedding songs play a pivotal role. Whether you want to address the whole band or you can do with a DJ , decide right at the beginning of the wedding planning. Take into account your taste to dance yourself. Don't forget the others either. The right wedding band can play a disco for the bride and groom and a brass band for their grandparents.

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Wedding dance

wedding dance is also closely related to the band . You don't have to stick to the traditional waltz, in the best case, a waltz or a waltz. Show what's in you! Create a fun custom first dance . You can find a lot of inspiration on YouTube.

Wedding games

Does the wedding entertainment include games? But sure. Of course, you don't open Monopoly on a ceremonially laid table to spend an afternoon scrambling for imaginary money. Wedding games revolve around the groom and the bride.

So here are a few tips:

  • Wedding quiz

Let the witness prepare questions tailored to you. He will ask which of the newlyweds, in the opinion of the other, better answers the question. The bride and groom sit back to back, put on a shoe, which they then illustrate their answer to.

Examples of questions:

  • Which of you cleans more often?

  • Who goes to bed first?

  • Wedding bingo

Give the guests cards with filled-in characteristics. Their task will be to find a wedding guest who suits everyone. An ideal introduction game if you have a large number of wedding guests who have not met before.

Wedding speeches

Ask the witness to spice up his speech at the ceremonial board . The statement can be rhymed, rapped or even delivered in sign language.

Fireworks and sparklers

In the evening comes the turn of the fire. Wedding entertainment will be provided by smaller fireworks, but you can also use sparklers. Let the wedding guests make them into an aisle. The newlyweds will slowly walk through it. At this time, there must be a photographer on site, you will have unforgettable wedding photos.

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Little things that will add originality to your wedding

You can prepare tangible little things in advance that will take the party to a higher level.

Short video

Is there a projector available in the wedding reception area? Hooray, you've won! Go through old albums, find the courage to take a peek at old flash drives and select a mix of photos. From the childhood of each of you and the common one. A nice video presentation , which you will project on the wall throughout the celebration, will convey the atmosphere of your love to every guest.

Photo exhibition

Don't you feel like a computer whiz? The same purpose will also be served by larger photos that you have printed on attractive photo paper or framed. You can hang them all over the space, or place them just next to the sweet bar.

Wedding book

A simple trick that makes a big show. Do you remember the memorials that sizzled in elementary school? Get a large A4 notebook, you can even find books with ornaments designed specifically for weddings in the stationery store. Add a ballpoint pen or a regular pen and place them together at the entrance. Ask the wedding guests to leave you a personal wish or thank you note . Tears will roll down your face as you read.

Wedding newspaper

In return, prepare a funny reading for the guests . After cake and good coffee, they will open the wedding newspaper, in which they will find not only your photos, but above all stories to make them laugh. You can also reveal something about yourself, add a thematic crossword puzzle or a column written by a witness. In short, like a real newspaper.

Let your friends know in advance that your wedding will be unforgettable

Tell your friends in advance that fun is part of the wedding. How? A wedding website will help you . Wedding guests can find all important information on it . Place and time of the ceremony, wedding menu, list of gifts or a form in which they will confirm their participation.

You can create your own wedding website in 5 minutes and you can customize it to your liking. Here, leave information for the wedding party so that everyone brings a sparkler, prepares for wedding games or counts on a possible win in the raffle.

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