How about wedding style? 3 tips how to make your wedding beautiful

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18 Sept 2022

Are you wondering how to give your party a uniform look? Find out what the most popular types of wedding decorations are and get inspired. You will also learn how to plan the decoration step by step , or you will look at wedding decoration tips that must not be missing at any wedding.

You will also get to know the best helper with wedding preparation - your own wedding website . You can create and manage it even without technical knowledge, and it will serve you perfectly as an interactive invitation.

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Instructions for the perfect decoration in 3 steps

Matching all the elements so that the wedding decorations together form the perfect combination and create an unforgettable atmosphere without being cheesy can seem like an insurmountable task. At the same time, it is enough to think about the key factors in advance, sketch and stimulate the imagination. Where to start?

Choose a decoration style

First of all, choose the style of the wedding, which will of course be reflected in the wedding decorations you choose. There are no engaged couples who do not have at least a basic idea of how they want to style their wedding. In addition to taste, it also depends on the place of celebration. You will have a hard time preparing a rustic wedding at the castle, you won't be able to have a lavish one at the cottage.

For inspiration, take a look at the 4 types of decoration that future spouses choose most often.


Costumes, wedding customs and DIY decorations. Although it might not seem like it, weddings inspired by those of our ancestors are coming back into fashion. Do you want her too? Be inspired by the photos and stories of older family members. You can often find important parts of the decoration hidden in the attic.


A small analogy is represented by a rustic merry-go-round. The ceremony in the meadow behind the cottage, a flower wreath in her hair. When choosing decorations, give it time of year and use raw materials that are normally found in nature. Wood, straw, dried fruit.

Glamor wedding

That's the one at the castle, with the bride proudly wearing a floor-length dress like a princess. When decorating, don't forget everything that shines. Glass, gold, pearls. There is perhaps no need to talk about large pugs of flowers and strict adherence to the color palette.

Retro wedding

Retro, vintage, call it whatever you want. In this case, the most important thing is to firmly determine the period you want to be inspired by. Don't mix elements of the fifties with elements of the seventies and such.

Draw a plan

Topic chosen? Grab a paper and a pencil. Lightly outline the spaces where the celebration will take place. do you have Choose one evening, open the wine and mark the location of the individual elements of the wedding decoration on the sketch. Thanks to visualization, you will realize what you absolutely need and what is too much. Finally, make a shopping list out of the plan and you are ready.

Decorate place by place

What should you definitely not forget about each place?

Wedding decoration of the altar

Whether your celebration takes place in a church or under a wedding arch in the middle of a blooming meadow, flowers are what must not be missing from the place where you say yes. Complement them with simple ornaments made of white fabric, preferably similar to the bride's dress. You have won.

Wedding decoration of places for wedding guests

In a similar way, arrange the chairs on which the wedding guests will sit during the ceremony. Flowers and white fabric are the basis. If you are planning an original ceremony without a seating area, you can place at least individual flowers in the place where the guests will stand. The wedding decoration of the chairs at the reception should also follow the same principle. But there it is assumed that you will actually provide the chairs for the wedding guests.

Wedding table decoration

Decorating a wedding table can be tricky. She will be on your eyes all day, you want her beautiful. On the other hand, too much of everything is harmful. Do not overdo the wedding table decoration. Vases with flowers, name tags, candles and beautiful table settings will do just fine.

Wedding stage decoration

As the evening approaches, attention turns to the band or DJ. The stage where the musicians will perform should suit them. Depending on the time and mood, it is enough to choose a simple variety. Wedding flower arrangements would no longer be effective. Equip the space, for example, with a light chain, which will guarantee an unforgettable atmosphere.

πŸ’• Tip: Still don't know what decorations to choose? Take a look at our ultimate overview of decorations that must not be missing at any wedding. πŸ’•

How much do wedding decorations cost?

Unfortunately, no one will tell you that. It depends on whether you buy it - and when, from what materials - or decide to do it yourself. In the first case, the price can go up to tens of thousands, but you can buy DIY decorations for a few crowns.

Save time and nerves with a wedding website

An irreplaceable helper when planning a party? Wedding website. It works like an online invitation to keep guests in the loop . You can click on it in a few minutes, fill in the information about the date and place of the ceremony, the wedding style and color palette, the menu or important people who help you with the preparation. And you share with the wedding guests.

In addition, you can also create an internal to-do list on the website. A great place to jot down your decor shopping list.

Do you already know how to dress up your wedding?

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