How a wedding website helped Caroline with her wedding

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16 Jun 2023
Caroline Kanova, a Czech model and influencer, had been planning her wedding since the summer of 2022, came across WeMarry in the fall of that year, and in this article she shares how the wedding website made her job easier and what she liked about our platform.
How did you come up with the idea of creating a wedding website?
Immediately after the engagement, we started planning the party. Due to the number of guests, we knew we would like to have something like a wedding website, but I was afraid it would be expensive and technically demanding. However, I have already experienced the wedding website at another wedding and it was an absolutely great solution for passing on all the information, so I did not want to give up the wedding website.
Why WeMarry?
I found a few services, but I liked WeMarry the most because of its simplicity and the fact that, unlike the others, the website could be created easily even from a mobile phone, and the overall creation was intuitive and easy.
The wedding website even exceeded our expectations. First of all, we just wanted something where we could tell the guests everything important so they know what and how. In the end, we saved a lot of work thanks to the RSVP form where the guests confirmed if they were coming and with whom. This suited us for other wedding suppliers.
How was the response?
The guests themselves praised our website and were happy that we had it. It made all communication easier. Nobody called us with questions in the few days before the wedding, which allowed us to devote ourselves fully to the preparations and keep at least a little peace. I personally like this method also for the reason that it is a full-fledged and beautiful alternative to classic paper notifications. We didn't manage to reach several of our friends in person, so this method of invitation made it very easy for us. We collected email addresses from guests and sent invitations directly to their mailboxes. Due to our elderly grandmothers and our love for paper, we also had the paper ones made, but the wedding website can replace them perfectly and I wouldn't be afraid to leave them out.


I can only recommend WeMarry. Another big advantage is that they are Czech and if there is any problem with the website, you have someone to turn to. And maybe even on the weekend (laughs Carolina from her own experience).


The wedding website saved us from the constant calls from all the guests asking where, what, when and how. We both see this as the biggest and best advantage. The guests had an overview of everything, they knew what to eat, what the schedule would be, and we would never have gotten all this information to all the guests without the wedding website. It is one of the services that I would definitely recommend to anyone who is still waiting.

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