Why and how you create a wedding website?

In today's digital world, a wedding website is a standart among engaged couples. It is a great way to share information about your big day with your loved ones. Why create a wedding website and how to do it?
Wedding website - what is it?
A wedding website is a popular supplement or complete replacement for a wedding invitations. It's basically an online wedding invitation with RSVP that easily fits all the information you need to convey to your guests to make your wedding day go smoothly. The website collects important answers for you and therefore helps with wedding planning.

5x why have a wedding website?

  • All important information about your wedding in one place
  • You will save a lot of work when communicating with invited guests
  • Overview of your guests thanks to the RSVP form
  • Cheaper than printed wedding invitationsAvailable from anywhere 24/7
  • More eco-friendly than printed announcements

Wedding website inspiration

There are no limits to your imagination, but remember that a wedding website is primarily a practical assistant, not a work of art or a display of love photos. So we recommend sharing on your wedding website:
  • Date, time and place of the ceremony
  • Information about possible parking and accommodation or transportation
  • Dress code including shoes (heels are not always appropriate)
  • Wedding registry - don't be afraid to tell your guests what comes in handy
  • Wedding menu
  • Wedding program - so that the guests know what awaits them and how the day will go
  • Relationship photos - for an even more personal impression

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How to make a wedding website and what to think about?

On the one hand, you can create a wedding website using a tool such as WordPress and similar editorial systems. In addition to being a more technically demanding discipline, you will also have to deal with the domain, web hosting and the very structure and appearance of the website, and it will take a lot of time. Despite the fact that these systems do not automatically include a questionnaire where guests confirm their participation and communicate their requirements.
On the other hand, there is WeMarry, which was created to make it easy for you to create a wedding website. So you don't have to deal with any web hosting or domain. We've come up with the structure for you, basically just fill in the information, choose a template and that's it. Even from a mobile phone. The questionnaire is a part of each of our wedding websites, and all the information is then clearly visible on the bulletin board of your account. For foreign guests, you can easily add a second language so that nothing is lost in translation.

Why WeMarry?

Simple adjustments

With WeMarry, creating a wedding website takes a few minutes, you can easily create your website from a mobile phone, without any technical skills.

Track your guest list thanks to RSVP form

Thanks to the RSVP form, you have an overview of who is coming, what they want to eat or how many children will arrive. You can see everything clearly on your notice board. Focus on important things. Just send a link to your site and that's it.

Second language for foreign guests

Are you inviting guests from abroad? With WeMarry it's no problem, just add the second language and fill in the important information. Your guests can then simply switch the language in the menu and you are sure that the language barrier is not a problem.

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