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We make creating your wedding website so simple, you can even do it while you're waiting for your maid of honor at the flower boutique.


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Sign-up for free and create your own wedding website in minutes. It couldn't be simpler than with WeMarry. Just enter your email.


Send out invitations

Your guests will have all the important details about the wedding online, in one place. They will confirm their participation and answer your questions using the RSVP form.


WeMarry works for you

Your wedding website collects responses from invited guests, it can remind them, and you have all the data in one place.

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Wedding website examples

Theme Modern

Simple lines, clear messages and minimalist shapes.


Theme Playful

Playful look, cheerful decorations and lots of colors.


Theme Elegant

Black and white pages with sleek graphics in a clean design.


Your secret to seamless and easy wedding planning.

Save yourself from constantly answering the same questions over and over.

Keep your guests in the loop

Your guests have all the important information about your wedding in one place. You have an overview of who comes and what their preferences are. You can see everything clearly on your notice board.

Your style

Choose a theme and customize it to your liking! Change the colors, add your photos and be sure that your website will look great on every device.

Foreign language

Inviting foreign guests? No problem! Just add a second language that guests can easily switch in the menu of your website. You don't have to worry about something getting lost in translation.

Why WeMarry?

Designing, editing, and updating your website is so simple you can even do it at the bridal shower!

It couldn't be easier

WeMarry was created to suit weddings, forget WordPress and similar services that have limited options.

Edit on the go

Thanks to the fact that it is a custom solution, you are sure to edit your site from any device.

Customer service

Something is not working? Are you missing a feature or just need some advice? We are here for you every day.

What our customers say about us?

Read reviews from users who have already created their wedding website. You can find more reviews on our Google profile.


A great way to let your guests know what you need. A very nicely done and easy to create wedding website. I found everything I needed there and also something extra. The templates are very modern and uncombined, which is a positive compared to the competition. For me, it's definitely worth a try, because you only pay when you create your website and know how it will look. A lot of music for little money.


I'm not an IT wizard and I don't have much time with regard to other activities, but you don't even need that with this platform, you just "pour" the necessary information, so everything goes very quickly and easily. During creation, I had a few questions/suggestions, but they were resolved immediately by technical support. I attached a QR code and the guests are thrilled to have everything quickly at hand, and I have their answers to the questions from the form clearly available.


WeMarry service is perfect! You can really use it to prepare an entire wedding website within 30 minutes. It is simple, so everyone can do it, plus it has great functionality - for me, a form for guests, where they fill in all the information for the wedding: number plus 1 and children, form of diet or accommodation... at the same time, I appreciate the customer service, they respond quickly to your suggestions. The service is still developing, they also have their scheduler, which they are improving, i.e. You can manage everything in one place.

Why create a wedding website?

Wedding website or digital wedding invitations are really helpful when it comes to wedding planning.
See why and how you can build your own

Wedding website or paper invitation?

What about combining them?
You can use paper and online wedding invitation at the same time, it's up to you.