How to prepare a wedding table in 4 steps

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24 Jul 2022

The deadline is approaching, obligations are piling up on you one after the other, you are running out of time, and what on earth can you think of for a wedding for refreshments? Soup, cake, tenderloin, steaks, oysters or perhaps caviar? Stop. Take a deep breath and read how to set up a wedding table step by step.

You will get an excellent helper not only when preparing the board in the form of a wedding website. Thanks to it, you will keep the wedding party in the loop, everyone will know what and how. In addition, you can keep an internal to-do list in it to remind you when it's time to start catering.

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The step-by-step process of preparing a wedding table

Throw yourself into it. What to start with?

1. Hospitality

First of all, think about what the wedding menu will consist of. When coming up with ideas, break away from your own tastes and style of the wedding. You don't serve lobster at a traditional wedding, someone will despise sirloin.

2. The wedding board is not a sweet bar

The main table will always be full of people who want to congratulate you, give you gifts or just say a few words. Crowded. If you don't want the beef broth to drip onto your fluffy tartlets, put the sweet bar aside.

The exception is the wedding cake. After slicing, serve it directly on the table. Until then, keep it in the background, preferably in the refrigerator.



3. Meeting order

You've got your snacks sorted. Here comes a tricky question that is hotly debated during the wedding preparations. Whom to sit where at the wedding table?

In most cases, you can't go wrong if you stick to the basic rules of etiquette. You say:

  • The bride and groom belong to the most honorable place, usually at the head of the table. The bride sits to the right of the groom.

  • Seat the groom's parents next to the bride and vice versa. And so that a man and a woman ideally alternate next to each other.

  • The remaining places of honor go to grandparents and witnesses.

But that's just a basic list of the most important. Each family is original, accompanied by a different history and mutual relationships. Take that into account and bend the rules to suit your needs. At the time it was created, divorced parents or children of newlyweds were not taken into account.

4. Wedding table - a key element of decoration

It is not only important what you serve on the wedding table, but also how it will look. Use the color palette you chose for the wedding. You don't have to stick strictly to white. Why can't the wedding board be red, blue or green?

X tips on how to decorate a wedding table

Colors matched, but what to use them for? For example, you can find inspiration for decorating a wedding table on Pinterest . The following tips have been tried and tested for years:

  • The tablecloth doesn't have to be just lace. Organza or burlap are perfect for a natural wedding table.

  • Don't forget the flowers. Place them in large glass vases or place them casually on the table.

  • Candles. When the celebration moves into the evening hours, it creates a magical atmosphere.

  • Original name tags. For example in the form of wooden wheels, magnets or bracelets. You invite guests to the table and give them a gift at the same time.

Finally, perhaps just a small reminder. The wedding is about you. Decorate the board as you like. Arrange the guests as you feel is right. Create a menu according to your tastes. You have a wealth of tips and inspiration, just adjust them to your image. Look forward to your big day.

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