Say 'I Do' to convenience and create Your wedding invite online

We are bringing a modern alternative to traditional wedding invites - a wedding website. With us, you can create the most original, not expensive and simple wedding invitation exactly according to your wishes in a few minutes, even from your mobile phone.

Online wedding invitations with RSVP!

Your guests have all the important information in one place and your phone will stop giving you a headache.
Thanks to the RSVP form, you will know how many guests will come, if they will need accommodation, what they will eat, or what song they would like to hear. With a wedding website, you save a lot of work, time and can focus on the highest priorities. In addition, you save paper and thus trees.

Why choose digital wedding invitations?

If you are looking for a way to create a wedding invitation online, then you are in the right place.
This is the most practical wedding invitation that your guests will receive, and it is instantly available to everyone. You simply share a link to your wedding website and guests can learn important details about your wedding anytime, anywhere.
Another advantage is easy updating. If something changes in the plans, simply edit the content on the wedding website and that's it. In addition, you don't have to worry about a possible typo.
And in case you want to share a wedding announcement with a photo, a wedding website is exactly what you are looking for! You can share several of your photos. You will show your guests your story and create a wedding atmosphere.

Traditional wedding invitation

The tradition of printed invites is firmly rooted in wedding culture. But even the wedding world is developing and offering new options that are more practical and efficient. If you don't want to miss the classic wedding invitation, you can link it to the wedding website. Just add a link or QR code to it so that guests know how to get to the website. You will see that your guests will appreciate your digital wedding invitation and will be delighted.
In addition, a printed notice is quite expensive. A wedding announcement for a party of 70 people can easily cost more than 600 USD at today's paper prices. Thanks to the wedding website, you don't have to make invites for everyone, but maybe just for grandmothers and the rest can get online invitations with RSVP.

Why WeMarry?

It doesn't get any easier

WeMarry was created especially for weddings, so it is not Wordpress or any other similar services that have limited options.

Edit on the go

Thanks to the fact that it is a custom solution, you are sure to edit your site from any device.

Customer support

Is something not working? Are you missing a function or just need some advice? We are here for you every day.

Read how WeMarry helped Carolina

Carolína Kanova, a Czech model and influencer, had been planning her wedding since the summer of 2022, came across WeMarry in the fall of that year, and in this article she shares how the wedding website made her job easier and what she liked about our platform.

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Save a lot of work and money from your budget.